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Hi my name is Stephen Puliafico. I was born and raised in West Glenville in Upstate, NY. I have the deepest respect for photography and the ability to capture a moment in time. Old photographs fascinate me and I hope that one day in the future someone will be fascinated by one of my photos in this way.

My main photographic inspirations are the small towns and rural nature of Upstate New York and New England. This area is rich in history as very few other places in America are. Look no further than the Saratoga Battlefield for a great example of this. The stories of these towns and lands will never be fully told. My goal is to photograph some of these places in an effort to show them to people who don't see them all the time.

Many of the photos that I have for sale here are of the Charlton/Galway Lake and Saratoga County area as these places are near and dear to me.

If you like my images please let me know. If you have a recommendation of something you think I should see, whether it be a location to photograph or your own photographs, please let me know.

If you see something here you want in a different size let me know. If you have any questions about any of my photos or would like to use one of them for any reason please contact me and we can work something out. If you are not sure of how to order through my site, need a recommendation of what to order or want something you don't see here please let me know.

The photos you choose may require cropping depending on the print size you desire. I have tried to make it so that the sizing options that appear when selecting a photo for purchase are optimized for that photo.

I will be happy to try and size these photos any way you want.

I HIGHLY recommend selecting the metallic paper for any of the landscape photos. The colors really pop and the image has a metallic glossy look that REALLY stands out. Everone seems to love this paper.

If you see something at my Flickr site that you are interested in that you don't see here please contact me.

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